Learn the essentials of social advertising to make better decisions.

We believe that only educated and digitally savvy artist managers are good artist managers.

The platform + strategy Masterclass

  • Google vs. Facebook? Understanding the differences between the existing social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok)

  • Understanding Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager (setting it up, structuring it, creating and managing ad accounts, setting up of Pixels, managing roles within the business and on pages).

  • Join the auction! How social advertising platforms works and what managers/record labels need to know to make better decisions.

    People often ask us…

    What’s the best social media platform to run ads on when marketing my music?
    Shall I post my music video on Youtube only or on Facebook and IGTV as well?
    Why do I need to post both in stories and feed?
    Will posting more often decrease my reach?
    Can I beat the IG algorithm by not creating a business page?
    What’s a pixel and why do I need this?
    What is Google Analytics?
    How can I get more views on my Youtube Videos?

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The audience + targeting Masterclass

  • Finding and understanding the right fans on the right platforms.

  • Understanding and creating interest audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

  • How to target the right people in the right territories and chosing the right campaign objectives.

    People often ask us…

    Should an artist run social ads at all + will I damage my reputation by doing it?
    Can I target booking and sync agents?
    What is re targeting?
    Can I target only people who really come to my live shows?
    How can I engage with my current fanbase?
    How can I draw in local people who attend a show?
    How do we draw in fans of associated or similar artists or brands or organisations?
    What are ad sets and why are they important when I market music?
    How many fans can I potentially have in New York?
    How can I find out whether I might be annoying people with my ads?

    PRICING: On request.

The budget + metrics Masterclass

  • Setting targets for a campaign and calculating the required ad spend to achieve them.

  • Understanding the difference between awareness and conversion campaigns.

  • Important metrics to measure and track success of campaigns.

    People often ask us…

    Can I get my streaming numbers up with social ads?
    How much does a follower cost?
    Shall I not buy the first 10K followers on Instagram to get the verified and swipe up button faster?
    How much do I have to spend to sell out avenue with 120 tickets capacity?
    What’s a good price per link click?
    Isn’t a like or follow-and-unfollow bot much cheaper than ads?

    PRICING: On request.

The creative Masterclass

  • Good content and good adverts on social media platforms (creative design and copy).

  • Marketing funnels in music marketing.

  • The importance of a strong artist brand + story telling on social.

    People often ask us…

    Why do selfies and cats work so well and posts from the studio not on social?
    What’s the difference between 4:5, square, 9:16 and 16:9 formats? Which one shall I use on Instagram?
    Can I use my music video as an advert on social?
    What’s the ideal length of a video advert?
    What’s the difference between boosted posts, organic posts and social ads?

    PRICING: On request.

The case study masterclass

How to grow an artists/brands Instagram/Facebook following and grow awareness in new territories / markets. Making cold audiences warmer.

How to sell physical products / merchandise from a web shop with Facebook and Instagram adverts.

How to sell tickets for a live show / tour.

How to increase streaming numbers with Facebook and Instagram adverts.

PRICING: On request.